Dear Readers,

Welcome on the official blog of ALPS. This first article aims at presenting you the general informations concerning our blog, the spirit of the mark as well as its objectives.

Through this news feed, you can follow the evolution of the mark, by traveling the various presentations of the new products, but also by discovering the young talents and the artists of tomorrow, which make up our teams. These articles are addressed to all the people who are interested closely or remotely in the mark ALPS and the lives of the cyclists in Switzerland. By following this flow of news, you will be the first ones to follow the evolution of the mark ALPS, its new models and the various events in whom she will take part. Furthermore, you will also be informed as soon as a new point of sale is available. It is also important to note that this flow of current events is in directly linked with the official account Instagram of the mark ALPS: @alpsvelos.

The young mark ALPS is the fruit of a real passion for bikes. Born in Geneva at the beginning of year 2015, it is at the end of the year 2016, after several months of design and tests, that the first models are marketed.

Youth and Quality form the main foundations of the mark ALPS. To assure a fresh and fashionable line of product, the ALPS team is always in search of new talents or artists who wish to share their universe and their talent; as much at the level of the design as at the level of communication.

The objective: supply you of the bikes adapted to your needs, with a top-grade design and high-end components; the whole in very attractive prices.

Hopping ALPS bikes will allow you to travel thousands of kilometers!



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